Funding SMEs through Brexit uncertainty

Given the economic uncertainty Brexit brings, SMEs need to prepare for the inevitable changes over the coming months; including new regulations to border control, changes to tariffs, and delays to importing and exporting goods. Some businesses may be considering stockpiling as a solution to these issues, but they’ll need more cash to do so.

 Research shows that SMEs tend to suffer more from cashflow problems – businesses with an annual turnover under £1million wait on average 72 days for invoices to be paid. In such uncertain times, having access to cash is vital for business survival!

Invoice finance can be the solution!

–  SMEs can unlock up to 90% of the value of unpaid invoices

– Access to additional working capital can help firms expand both organically and by acquisitions, and of course, provide headroom and peace of mind for the owners

– The option of bad debt protection can protect businesses from both protracted default and bad debt

So, invoice finance can provide businesses with the certainty that they will have access to regular cash flow when they need it most! 

Our dedicated team of invoice finance specialists can provide facilities to SMEs across the UK looking to borrow amounts from £10k to £1million.

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