When financing your business, it pays to think Positive

Today, we broadly recognise that funding partners have become the backbone of corporate growth. No businesses can relate to this more than the UK’s SMEs, making up 99% of Britain’s economy. Whilst financial help can act as the launchpad from which new businesses burst onto the market, an insufficient finance solution can also be the shackles withholding a mature firm from reaching the next level.

Irrespective of what your business does, it is essential that any type of finance you borrow is not only at a competitive rate, but that it is from a reliable and trusted financial provider – one that won’t pull funding if your company hits a bump in the road.

With the current market full of competitive offers, it can be difficult to single out those lenders that are genuinely dependable. Here, at Positive, our approach of maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients makes us the funding provider you can rely on if confronted by a financial hurdle. It is our commitment and transparency that sets us apart.

They say ‘if you buy cheap, you buy twice’; so, whilst it may be tempting go for the cheapest deal, always question the small print. Are they a reputable lender? Are they likely to stick around if something goes wrong? Have they taken the time to fully understand your business?

Some providers may be able to offer finance options at a more competitive rate, a good provider will ensure that they approach each and every proposal on an individual basis. At Positive, we’re able to tailor a client’s individual needs with flexibility, making funding decisions swiftly and working closely with clients to understand their needs and goals.

As part of 1pm plc, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange, we’re able to offer expertise across a range of financial solutions, from business loans, bridging finance and commercial mortgages to vehicle and asset finance.

Having worked with firms across a range of industries, we recognise that overdue customer payments and cashflow problems can put a spanner in the works when it comes to balancing the books. This consideration is entrenched within our financial solutions, allowing us to offer our clients a service that won’t let them down.

So, whether you’re looking to finance a new-start enterprise, refinance your business, or are simply looking for a funder who is happy to listen, make sure you weigh up the pros and cons when looking at quality lenders vs. cheap lenders, and do your research so you can find the best funding partner for you.